Transforming Liberalism: The Theology of James Luther Adams, book by George Kimmich Beach

Newly Republished Edition:

(San Diego: Reader’s Magnet Press, 2021, 381 pages)

Transforming Liberalism book cover

In this book Adams’s leading editor and interpreter provides a comprehensive synthesis of his thought. The book is organized around Adams’s major themes, giving theological context to the numerous anecdotes that made his rhetoric irresistible. This new edition is available from the UUA InSpirit Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the author (

Is Adams still relevant?

Current controversy over the meaning of classical liberal values-freedom, reason, tolerance­are anticipated in Adams’s critical and creative treatment of liberalism. His transformed liberalism is socially and personally transforming. In Adams’s dialectical vision new life rises up, like the mythic Phoenix, from its own ashes.

Here follow two talks which introduced the book when it was first published, by the author and by Professor Robin Lovin, of Southern Methodist University. Other comments on the book are invited to this Conversation.

George Beach has given us a remarkable survey of the theology of James Luther Adams, but in the spirit of Jim Adams, what we have here is more than just an interesting story. ~ from the review by Robin Lovin

Read the full review by Robin Lovin

I want to do three things. First, to say a few words about Jim Adams for those unfamiliar with him. Second, to say three things about how the book deals with his thought. Third, to say six things about the transforming liberal faith that he articulated.
~ GK Beach, James Luther Adams and the Transformation of Liberalism, a talk at UUA General Assembly

Read the full talk by George Kimmich Beach, “James Luther Adams and the Transformation of Liberalism” given at UUA General Assembly, 2005.

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