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This bibliography lists books and anthologies of essays by James Luther Adams, with links to book sellers and libraries where you can obtain a copy.

The Essential James Luther Adams: Selected Essays and Addresses. Edited with an introduction by George Kimmich Beach. Boston: Skinner House Books, 1998. This volume contains 12 “essential” essays by James Luther Adams, grouped together under the following topics: “Faith & Freedom”; “Time & History”;and “Association & Action.” The volume itself and each section is accompanied by an introduction by Beach. [Amazon | AbeBooks | UUA Bookstore | Libraries]

Examined Faith: Social Context and Religious Commitment. Edited with an introduction by George K. Beach. Boston: Beacon Press, 1991. Includes essays on Troeltsch, Tillich, “Prophetic Theology,” the demonic, existentialism, root metaphors, plus various religious themes. [Amazon | AbeBooks | UUA Bookstore | Google Books | Libraries]

“James Luther Adams at 75.” Edited by Herbert F. Vetter, Jr. The Unitarian Universalist Christian 32, Nos. 1-2 (1977). Contains 7 of Adams’ essays, all of which are reprinted in Vetter’s James Luther Adams: Prophet to the Powerful. [Libraries]

“James Luther Adams Papers.” Edited by Herbert F. Vetter, Jr. The Unitarian Universalist Christian 48, Nos. 3-4 (1993). Contains 19 of Adams’ essays, 18 of which are reprinted in Vetter’s James Luther Adams: Prophet to the Powerful. [Libraries]

James Luther Adams: Prophet to the Powerful. Edited by Herbert F. Vetter. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Square Library, 2008. This edited volume contains 27 of Adams’ essays and combines them with 3 biographical essays, two by Max L. Stackhouse and one by George Kimmich Beach.

Not Without Dust and Heat: A Memoir. Chicago: Exploration Press, 1995. Includes an introduction by Max L. Stackhouse and a reflective essay “Tribute to the Life of a Teacher,” by George Huntston Williams. This posthumously published 424 page “memoir” is derived from Adams’ 1,400 page autobiography, which is preserved in the Andover-Harvard Theological Library in Cambridge, MA. Of particular historical interest are the chapters concerning the German churches and universities during the rise of Nazism, from JLA’s eye-witness accounts.[Amazon | AbeBooks | Libraries]

On Being Human Religiously: Selected Essays on Religion and Society. Edited with introduction by Max L. Stackhouse. Boston: Beacon Press, 1976. This edited collection contains 18 of Adams’ essays grouped together under the headings: “The Spirit and Forms of Freedom”;  “Sources and Tests of Human Action”; and “Refractions of Meaning.” The book includes essays on Marx, Max Weber, Rudolph Sohm, Ernst Troeltsch, and Tillich. [Amazon | AbeBooks | Libraries]

Paul Tillich’s Philosophy of Culture, Science, and Religion. New York: Harper & Row, 1965. This is a revision of Adams’ 1945 doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago. It focuses on Tillich earlier writings while he was still in Germany. [Amazon | AbeBooks | Libraries]

The Prophethood of All Believers. Edited with introduction by George K. Beach. Boston: Beacon Press, 1986. Includes essays on Troeltsch and Whitehead; on liberal religion, religious history, the arts, theological language, voluntary associations, and a mid-life autobiographical essay. [Amazon | AbeBooks | Libraries]

Taking Time Seriously. Glencoe, Ill.: The Free Press, 1957. This volume is largely a reflection upon Adams’ experiences in Germany during the rise of Nazism. [Amazon |AbeBooks | Libraries]

Voluntary Associations: Socio-cultural Analyses and Theological Interpretation. Edited by J. Ronald Engel. Chicago: Exploration Press, 1986. Reprints of nearly two dozen important essays on human nature, social action, voluntary associations, civil disobedience, the professions, symbols, mediating structures, economics, etc. [Amazon | AbeBooks | Libraries