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“A Time to Speak” is a call to prophetic vocation on the part of liberals, whatever their religious or political identity.  Adams spoke of what he called the “prophethood of all believers,” the prophetic vocation of all who claim citizenship of planet Earth.  We cannot imagine a time that calls us more urgently to be ethically and religiously committed citizens than the present—to the justice-affirming covenants of our nation, like the covenants of many other nations; the peace-affirming covenants of the United Nations; the inclusive, life-affirming covenants of our educational, economic, political and religious institutions.  The very “covenant of being”—another luminous term from Adams—is betrayed before our eyes with every passing day.  This is “time to speak” to the great issues of our time.  We must do so in terms of the responsibilities we have in the most intimate relationships of our lives and to the commitments we have to the ultimate horizon of our Earthly existence.

This is the central purpose of this section of our website.  It will be, we hope, a place in which we can share our vocation of prophetic speech.

— George Kimmich Beach
— Ronald Engel

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