Recent Updates from JLAF – Spring 2021

Some highlights of recent activity on the JLAF website:

The JLAF 2021 Forum Date is announced; a new post from George Kimmich Beach “The Jacob’s Ladder of an Examined Faith”; John A. Buehrens writes on “How James Luther Adams Became Important to Me and Why He Still Is,” and JLA’s historic home video “No Authority But From God” is available now to view.

JLAF 2021 Forum Date Announced

The 2021 James Luther Adams Forum has been scheduled for Friday, October 29, 2021, 2-5 p.m. ET. The in-person Forum will take place on the Grounds of University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. The Forum will also be available online (details TBD). See the 2021 Forum announcement for speaker and topic info.

New post The Jacob’s Ladder of an Examined Faith by George Kimmich Beach

“An unexamined faith is not worth having,” said James Luther Adams.  What, then, is a faith worth having?  This essay links three sermons on transcendence, a foundational element in any faith tradition and for this reason, central to theology—that is, critical and creative reflection on religion.

John A. Buehrens writes on How James Luther Adams Became Important to Me and Why He Still Is

After serving for forty years as both UUA President and as an historian, my sense of the depth of our indebtedness to JLA has not diminished.

JLA home video posted No Authority But From God

Based on newly processed home movies, never shown before, of Germany’s most prominent Christian leaders of the 1930s. James Luther Adams, professor emeritus of Christian ethics, and George Huntston Williams, professor emeritus of church history, recount their personal remembrances of these influential leaders and discuss the dynamics of that turbulent period.


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